Southside Coffee Brew Bar
St Petersburg, FL 33705​
(727) 201-9811

The Best Coffee in the Hood!

Providing Baristas with proper techniques and knowledge in order to make a great cup of coffee. The ultimate experience for your customer. 
​​​​PRICING |$225 Per Person
Most Sessions Last Approximately 3-4 Hours​​
What You'll Learn

Coffee Basics | Seed to Cup
Getting to know your product. Growing, harvesting, processing, milling, roasting, brewing, cupping, grading. 

Cupping 101
Profile coffees by the growing regions with an undertanding of aroma, acidity, body and flavor

Brewing Methods
Hot and cold brew methods includes automated and poor over techniquest, drip, french press, chemex, espresso, cold brew and grind adjustments.

Grinding techniques, dosing, proper tamping techniques, extracting the perfect shot

Drink Construction
Milk texturing, perfecting froth, recipe order, drink design and latte art

Equipment Maintenance
Cleaning and maintenance, adjusting and tuning equipment and trouble-shooting. 
25 Years experiencd working within the specialty coffee industry.  Diverse knowledge of Roasting | Production | Training & Education | Delivery Programs | Menu Development | Management | Lab Work | Cupping | Quality Control | Sales & Customer Relations | Community Outreach | Public, Private & Franchise Business | Bar Design & Build-Out | International Travel to Coffee Farms and Mills | Facilitated Teaching Programs | USBC Judge and more
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